Price, Blaine ; Kelly, Ryan ; Mehta, Vikram ; Mccormick, Ciaran ; Ahmed, Hanad and Pearce, Oliver (2018). Feel My Pain: Design and Evaluation of Painpad, a Tangible Device for Supporting Inpatient Self-Logging of Pain. In: 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’18) , 21-26 April 2018, Montreal, ACM.
Monitoring patients’ pain is a critical issue for clinicalcaregivers, particularly among sta responsible for providinganalgesic relief. However, collecting regularly scheduled painreadings from patients can be dicult and time-consuming forclinicians. In this paper we present Painpad, a tangible devicethat was developed to allow patients to engage in self-loggingof their pain. We report findings from two hospital-basedfield studies in which Painpad was deployed to a total of78 inpatients recovering from ambulatory surgery. We findthat Painpad results in improved frequency and compliancewith pain logging, and that self-logged scores may be morefaithful to patients’ experienced pain than correspondingscores reported to nurses. We also show that older adultsmay prefer tangible interfaces over tablet-based alternativesfor reporting their pain, and we contribute design lessons forpain logging devices intended for use in hospital settings.

Designing the Painpad

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