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Our Refined Prototypes - 

The Nudge Seat

Field Testing

The Nudging Chair,

2017, IDEO-Acumen online course on Design Kit: Prototyping.

Research suggests that people with long sitting jobs such as software engineers, develop sedentary habits and develop many health problems such as obesity, backaches and neck-aches. In a team of 5, we did a human-centred design course on prototyping. As a part of this practical course, we followed a Design Thinking approach to solve the challenge on "How to Improve Health at Workplace." We came up with a solution to have a smart chair that physically nudges (vibrates) the person to give up sedentary habits and take regular breaks while sitting and working for long hours continuosly. We created several prototypes (product, service and environment), took feedback from user, iterated over our prototypes and tested the final prototypes in the field. 

Statement of Completion

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